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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Loft ladders are a not only a very functional piece of equipment in a UK household, but they can also be a very fashionable piece. Some people would rather have stairs going up into the attic. However, stairs take up extra floor space, while a loft ladder can be pulled up into the attic and folded. This leaves more space for people to move about. But remember, whether the primary purpose of your loft ladders is decor or functionality-accurate installation and safety is of the utmost importance.

Why Choose a Loft Ladders?
You might be wondering whether a loft ladder is a good alternative to stairs. They are, for a number of reasons. A wooden ladder, for example, takes up less room than stairs and has an appealing look. Also, lofts are often converted to living space that requires compact access method. Loft ladders can be as elegant or utilitarian as you wish. From standard vertical ladders to gentle angled slopes that are easier to climb, a loft ladder installation can be tailored and integrated into virtually any style, type of home or design scheme.

Attractiveness May Be Important To You
Loft ladders can be a wonderful addition to a home or loft apartment. These ladders are now made to blend in with any type design. You can buy a loft ladder without a finish and paint or stain the trap door, architrave, and steps in any color or varnish that matches your room decor.

Loft Ladders Consideration
There's a good selection of loft ladder styles available, including the aluminium ladder, timber ladder, concertina loft ladder and telescopic ladder. Installation is relatively straightforward. Loft ladders, like attic stairs, can be attached to the wall under the loft and open with a sort of hatch mechanism. There are also attractive moving loft ladders similar to what you might see in a book store or library. Electric loft ladders are great for people who have mobility or strength issue. Whichever type you choose, be sure it has handrails and rubber feet for safety.